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My name is Ashley and I grew up a die hard film buff in the city of Perth, Western Australia. At the age of eight I could name most leading actors/actress' and spout off a list of their previous roles. If an adult in my life couldn't place an actor and what they knew them from, I sure could fill in the gaps for them. It's a somewhat useless talent but one that I've always been proud of. 

As a young teen I found myself enamored with the glamour of the golden era. My passion begun with a strong admiration for James Dean and Marilyn Monroe. I began collecting profusely, buying up as many books, movies and paraphernalia as I could. As a young adult finally earning my own money my collection began to flourish. I admire many a great stars from the Old Hollywood days however none has captivated and enthralled me quite like Jayne Mansfield. After picking up my first book on Jayne I can safely say that a huge bang went off within me that day because I've never felt so much passion and understanding towards another human being as I do with Jayne. She inspires me like no other. In seven short years I have gathered a treasure trove of rare and fascinating Jayne Mansfield collectibles. 

With my fascination of all things glamorous I completed a professional makeup artistry course after leaving school. I took the tricks I learnt with me for use in day to day life but did not progress into a career in beauty. Instead I worked a secretarial job until leaving to start my own small online business selling pre-loved designer fashions. In 2014 I went into a partnership with my family and opened a fabulous handbag shop at a popular Perth shopping destination. We named our store 'Grace Handbags', inspired by the elegance of Grace Kelly. Our bags were unique and heavily based on European trends and fashions. 

Today I am busy penning my first book, a heavily illustrated biography on actress Jayne Mansfield. Utilizing my extensive knowledge, growing collection and friendships within a large community of fans I intend to bring forth a Jayne Mansfield book unlike any other the world has ever seen. 

While I do love the strikingly beautiful glamour of the 1920's through to the 1950's I find myself completely encompassed in the mod world of the late 1960's and early 1970's. Perhaps I was a flower child in another life, who knows. What I do know is that mini skirts, gogo boots and big bows atop even bigger hair thrills me to my fashion senses core. 

Some of my other interests include vintage shopping, my pet guinea pigs, sipping on champagne or a good speyside whiskey, travelling and soaking in a pink lush infused bubble-bath. 

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope you like it here. If you love the glamour of the golden era and the thrill of weird and unusual vintage fads than I'm sure you'll find many posts that inspire you too.

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